You can achieve the look of a new kitchen just by making some small changes to the room, and there are many reasons why it would be advantageous to do so. Everyone knows that kitchen remodeling adds resale value to your home, and that it’s pretty easy to recoup the investment you make in remodeling at resale time.

But most people who undertake remodeling are more interested in the value they get out of it right now, as opposed to the value they might get when selling the home. Given the fact that the kitchen is the most used room in your household, it’s very understandable that you might want to breathe some fresh air into the room, even if it’s just a fresh coat of paint. Here are some remodeling ideas you might want to consider that will give your kitchen an entirely different look, and provide fresh life to it.

New Cabinets

This is one of the best ways to achieve a new look in your kitchen, and since your cabinets take considerable daily abuse, they may even need some updating just to be really functional again. Even on a tight budget, you can come up with some options that allow you to install some quality products that will last a long time and provide fresh appeal to your kitchen. If the hardware on your cabinets is still good, maybe all you need to do is add a coat of fresh paint to provide a totally new look and feel to your cabinets.

New Kitchen Cabinets

New Flooring

Changing the flooring in your kitchen will be one of the more expensive projects you might undertake, and it will also take more time than other projects. However, there are many things you can do in the kitchen that will bring fresh life to it, like installing totally new flooring. You could choose some dazzling hardwood floors, or you can have some engineered-flooring planks installed, which have a thin hardwood layer on top of them. There are all kinds of hardwood options to choose from, for instance oak, walnut, maple, hickory, cherry, and ash. If choosing one of these, you will probably have a preference for the color it provides, and for the cost of installation.

New Kitchen Flooring

New Appliances

Old, inefficient appliances can not only boost your utility bills, but they also may not be as efficient or effective in accomplishing their task. A new refrigerator or a new stove can do wonders for improving efficiency in your kitchen, and some of them even sparkle as they perform their duties. The great thing about installing new appliances is that you really kill two birds with one stone – not only do you get increased energy efficiency, but the improved look of new appliances will definitely inject some fresh life into your kitchen. Keep in mind that investing in a new stove or refrigerator is a long-term investment that can pay tremendous dividends for the next decade or two.

New Kitchen Appliances

Repaint your Kitchen

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen can make a huge difference to how your interior looks and feels.  It’s also a good opportunity to change up the style with a new color. ​It is a good idea to update your interior with a fresh coat of paint every few years to ​keep your home healthy, looking its best, and to maintain or increase the value of your home. When it comes to painting, it’s best to hire a professional.  Not only will it save you time, but it will also ensure quality.  There is much preparation in intricacies involved when painting a kitchen.

Repaint Your Kitchen