Many households use their laundry room on a daily basis, yet it’s likely towards the bottom of their list when it comes to home renovations. But when you think about how much time you actually spend in this room, it’s worth giving this space an update. The key to a successful laundry room renovation is planning.  You’ll want a room that functions well and looks just as nice so you can get your laundry done efficiently in an area that reflects your style.

Consider these Questions to Start Planning

  • Do I want a folding station on top of the dryer or next to it?
  • Where will I store the laundry baskets?
  • Do I require a space for a hanging clean clothes?
  • How can I maximize lighting, including natural light?
  • Do I need space for an ironing board or steamer?
  • Is plumbing work required to move the appliances?
  • Is a sink or wash tub a requirement for the new room?
  • How can I maximize space and storage?
  • Should I make this space a laundry / mud room?

Laundry Room Remodel 2aBring Calm to the Chaos in your Laundry Room

In many homes, the laundry room can be sore to the eye with dirty clothes, muddy boots, multiple backpacks and more.  It’s a frequented area for many families as they come and go throughout the day.  But a renovation that offers organization and functionality will create a space that allows you to utilize this room in an efficient manner. As you design your new-and-improved laundry room, some of the most important considerations are space for the appliances and a logical workflow. Think about how you normally do laundry and other tasks in this room as you plan the layout.

Laundry Room Remodel 2cIncorporate your Needs into the New Design

When you decide to take on such a renovation project, take a step back and think about why you’ve decided to remodel your laundry room.  Incorporate your needs into the the design and planning process. Maybe your room just needs a refresh with a more aesthetically pleasing design. Or perhaps you’re looking to increase functionality and maximize storage space with a complete overhaul.  Take time to thoroughly plan your remodel so you’re prepared and the end result meets your needs.  And it’s important to note that laundry rooms don’t have to be plain and boring.  It’s also a time to make sure that your new space complements your style.  Paint color, cabinet style, wall decor, window treatments, and appliance selection can all be ways to bring your style together.

Laundry Room Remodel 2b