Kitchens have great potential for functionality, attractive display, and useful storage. To take your kitchen remodel to the next level, consider adding a kitchen island. The island has become the icon of the modern kitchen and serves as the center of the home where much activity happens. They are considered as one of the most popular features in kitchens these days and there are many benefits that you can expect from the perfect island for your kitchen.

Increased Functionality

With a kitchen island in place, you’ll have much more room for food preparation, and that gets especially important during family dinners and holiday meal preparation. When you’re in the process of preparing several dishes at once, you’ll have room to be operating on each of them, and if you have a helper, that can cut prep time down considerably. You can make your island a specialty station by including a chopping block, a knife sharpener, a cutting board, and possibly even a sink and more electrical outlets.

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More Storage Area

If you have always felt that your kitchen lacked the space you really need, you’ll pick up that extra space when you install an island. You can have shelves put in below the island countertop, and that could add tremendous storage capabilities to your kitchen. You can also customize some storage options which you’ve always wanted, for instance by including an area for coffee cups or drinking glasses, You can add some additional drawers for silverware, or you could even install an area for a trash bin or recycling bin.

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Great for Entertaining Guests

When you’ve invited neighborhood friends over, or if you have family visiting from out of town, you’ll love the extra versatility offered by a kitchen island. A movable island will allow you to enjoy added functionality, and then you could move it out of the way to take advantage of the extra floor space. Both these attributes come in very handy when you’re entertaining guests, and serving them dinner, snacks, cocktails, etc.

Kitchen Islands 1eExtra Appliances and Outlets

You can add all kinds of extra appliances in your kitchen when you have the countertop space to accommodate them on your kitchen island. You can have a blender in place at all times for all your fresh juice fans, you can have a mixer ready to go whenever you need one, or you can have your own personal espresso machine installed. The beauty of that is, it won’t interfere with anything else in your kitchen, because it takes up none of your countertop space.

Kitchen Islands

Additional Seating

A kitchen island can be the perfect place for the family to gather for morning breakfast, or just for sipping coffee before starting the day. Install a few chairs around the island, and it can serve as a kitchen dining table quite nicely. Kitchen islands will have room for anywhere between two and six seats, so you can definitely make use of additional seating when it would be convenient for family members.

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Are you Ready to Remodel your Kitchen with a New Island?

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