A great many people in the country have been obliged to conduct work from home this year. At the outset, that may seem like a very easy task to do, and one which is extremely convenient for the worker, but if you’ve already begun working from home, you may have discovered there’s a bit more to it. Whether you’ve transformed a little-used room into an office area, or whether you are about to overhaul your existing office area, there are some points to keep in mind so you can provide yourself with a work area which is both productive and comfortable.

Keep Your Work Area Organized

You can waste a great deal of time trying to find things around your work area, if it’s in a constant state of disorganization. If you have things laying all around your work area and cluttering up usable space, you will definitely not be maximizing the benefits of having a home office. Take the time to de-clutter your work area and put things in their proper place, so you’ll know where they are at all times, and so you don’t waste any time at all trying to find things.

Keep it Work Related

One big mistake that a lot of home workers make is to mix their personal lives and their work lives. For the same reason that you wouldn’t take a photo album into your office area at work, you shouldn’t have that photo album sitting on your desk at home. Make sure that everything in your office area relates to work, because otherwise it will be a distraction and it will simply be taking up space which could be better used for work-related materials.

Remove All Clutter

You would probably be surprised to find that perhaps as much as half the material in your work area at home has no real purpose in helping you accomplish work objectives. On the other hand, having a significant amount of office clutter can negatively impact your mental attitude, because it can distract you and lead to a loss of productivity. Take a look around your home work area and conduct an honest assessment of what constitutes work materials and what is really just clutter.

If you find that there’s a significant amount of clutter, it will definitely be worth your while to dedicate at least a day to clearing out all that unnecessary material, so you’ll have much better focus on your work. In the same vein, you should also consider removing any furniture which is unnecessary in your home work area. This will open up the room and give you more space to work in. When you’ve created more open space, it may open up your thinking as well, and allow you to be more creative in how you approach your work tasks.

Consider Additional Lighting

If the room you converted into a work area had only soft lighting, you may want to consider bringing in some additional lighting so that you can relieve any eyestrain which you might develop from poring over documents and work materials. It would even be worth your while to research the various types of office lighting which are available, and decide on something which is best for you, and takes into consideration your particular home office environment. If you have windows in your home office area, you should make sure that sufficient natural light is allowed to stream in and brighten up your work area.

Transform Your Home Office 1a

Remodeling & Handyman Services for your Home Office

When it comes to putting your plan into action, you might need some assistance from a professional handyman or remodeler to transform your home office.  Here are just a few of the tasks that Handy Men & Mrs. Helper Kitchen & Bath can help with!

  • Convert an old room into an updated home office
  • A fresh coat of interior paint to match your style
  • Interior trim and crown moldings for added sophistication
  • Blinds installation or curtain hanging for light control
  • Custom cabinet work & shelving for proper organization
  • Picture and mirror hanging to add character
  • Upgraded lighting to accommodate your working area