With the return to school just around the corner now, it’s a great time to start thinking about that remodeling project you put on the back burner. Your kids will be out of the house, and out of the way of your contractors, so it could be the best possible time to get a crew working on that bathroom or kitchen project you’ve wanted for so long.

Another good thing about addressing the project at the end of summer, beginning of autumn, is that all your  changes will be in place by the time the holiday season rolls around. That means you’ll have a better layout in your kitchen for preparing holiday meals, or your bathroom will be much more presentable to all your holiday visitors. Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your mudroom to organize the backpacks and sporting gear.  Regardless of the remodeling project you have in mind, now is the best time to get it done.

Remodeling for School Activities

Instead of a major renovation in your kitchen or bathroom, you may have been considering something smaller, something that will reduce the chaos which inevitably occurs at the start of the new school season. If you have to shop for several children returning to school, your whole household will quickly fill up with notebooks, writing supplies, backpacks, lunch gear, and even new clothes and footwear. All that stuff needs a place to go, even if it’s just temporary until school starts. So you might want to begin your ‘remodeling’ by organizing some closet space, and making room for the school supplies until the first day of school arrives.

You can also make some improvements in your kitchen/pantry area to setup for all the lunches you’ll have to prepare, and to quickly prepare breakfast for your school-bound youngsters. You could setup some shelves in the pantry to be used for storing snacks or other grab-n-go food items, so your kids don’t have to hunt around for them as they’re getting ready to catch the bus. Another worthwhile effort would be to get your mudroom ready for the school season. Having your kids hang their jackets, sweaters, and ponchos here will be much more desirable than having them dropped all throughout the house, wherever your kids happen to drop them.

Your kids will probably appreciate it a great deal if you can arrange for a homework zone to be established in the household. This should be a quiet room, away from all possible distractions, and it needs to be equipped with whatever kids need to do their homework in a prompt and dedicated fashion. It will need to be well-lit, and you should have hookups for Wi-Fi and adequate electrical outlets for any devices needing power. The last school remodeling task you should consider is setting up a Master Command area that has a large calendar. All school events and activities should be posted on this calendar, so your kids can see at a glance what’s coming up for their particular class. Now you’re ready for the upcoming school year!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel

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Mud Room Remodel