It always seems like the holidays come too quickly. Regardless, it’s important to make sure that your home is ready and that may include any number of tasks. Instead of falling into the usual holiday panic, take the time to sit down and think about everything that needs to happen before you can host your holiday gatherings or have family visit.

Plus, when you’re busy during the holidays, you don’t want that honey-do list hanging over your head the entire time. It’s best to make a plan to get as much out of the way as you can before the holidays arrive. If there are small things that you can take care of on your own, do what you can. However, you can also enlist the help of a handyman to get your list done quickly and properly.

Taking Care of Home Repairs

No matter what’s going on at your house this holiday season, it will be much more enjoyable for everyone when it feels fresh, clean, and like a welcoming home. Nothing is worse than having the family show up only to find out halfway through morning showers that the hot water tank has gone out. You might not be able to anticipate an emergency of this magnitude, of course, but there are a lot of little things you can do to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the holidays.

Take the time to look around and make a list of everything that you want to freshen up before the holidays. Consider things like finally repairing that broken trim board, having those vents put back on from the last time the ducts were cleaned, or just cleaning out the clutter from the spare room so people can stay there.

Make Your Honey Do List

Now’s the time to grab those random sticky notes with various to-do’s and centralize them all on a refined honey-do list! That way you can prioritize what needs to be done prior to the in-laws coming to stay at your home for a week, or before Grandma arrives for the weekend.  

Does Your Home Repair List Look Similar?

  • New blind installation in the family room
  • Repair the cabinet hinges where the plates are stored
  • Fix the garbage disposal before hosting Thanksgiving dinner
  • Repair the deck so nobody trips and falls
  • Install the fan in the spare bedroom
  • Fix the leaking faucet in the main bathroom

When you hire the right handyman for the job, they’ll even be able to help you go through your home and find things that need attention. They can help you decide on what’s important and prioritize repairs when you’re working on a budget, too. 

Honey Do ListTime to Initiate Your Remodel Project?

Beyond making sure the basics are covered, you might also want to take it to the next level with that remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about.  Perhaps an early Christmas gift to yourself?  

  • Does the spare bathroom need a facelift?
  • Have you been dreaming of hosting your party in a finished basement?
  • How about a functional, yet beautiful, kitchen to host Christmas dinner?

Whatever the case might be, time is running out if you’re looking to launch a remodel project to be ready in time for the holiday season.  

Hire a Professional Handyman

This holiday season put away the stress and let the joy of the holidays ring through your home. Spend a few days fixing things up with the help of a qualified handyman and your home will be as holly and jolly as every family member that comes through the door.