Your bathroom is a functional space. It’s where the whole family goes to get clean. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s a haven of relaxation. A place where you can wash away the stress of a long day’s work, or reinvigorate yourself to get ready for whatever the day has to throw at you. It should be a reflection of your personal style. It should be a space filled with personality and luxury as well as being functional and utilitarian.

If you feel that your bathroom no longer matches your style or gives you the comfort you expect, maybe it’s time for a remodel to breathe new life into your old space.

Start with your Tub

Your bathtub is a symbol of relaxation and luxury. Its look (and dimensions) will influence all other aspects of your bathroom’s design. It’s also perhaps the most important logistical consideration in terms of where it’s positioned, how much space it leaves free, and how much water pressure it requires. A freestanding tub is extremely opulent but may not be viable in smaller bathrooms.

Deep soaking tubs are always in fashion and can give your bathroom a subtly art-deco inspired look.

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Keep it Natural

Natural materials like stone are great at helping us to feel relaxed in the bathroom. Their natural hues and satisfying textures make a great choice for bathroom surfaces. So consider the bold patterns of marble or the subtle shades of travertine for a rich, warm, and welcoming bathroom aesthetic.

Break the Mold with Shaped Tiles

Rectangular tiles are so 2010s, darling! If you want to make your bathroom look unabashedly contemporary (and add an eye-catching touch to your walls), try incorporating shaped tiles into your bathroom aesthetic. Hexagons and scallops can give your space way more personality than squares and rectangles.

Partially tiled walls are also very en-vogue at the moment and can add a touch of visual depth to your walls.

Add a Touch of Class with Wainscotting

We’d say that wainscotting is back… but it never really went away. If your tastes er more on the side of tradition, this classic touch can lend a touch of sophistication to your aesthetic.

Let there be (integrated) Light!

Your bathroom lighting is extremely important. Get it wrong and it can prevent your bathroom from looking pristine, no matter how much you scrub it. Multiple light sources are always good for bathrooms. Consider adding integrated lights to make your design aesthetic truly shine (not to mention ensuring that you look amazing when getting ready for the day). And better yet, if it’s feasible, bringing in the natural light can do wonders!

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How our Bathroom Remodelers Can Help

We’ve spent many years designing, planning and implementing beautiful bathroom remodels. We’ll work with you to create a bathroom that not only looks amazing and reflects your style, but offers the comfort and luxury you expect from this special space. Want to know more? Click Here to get a free estimate.