2018 is here and we are OFF AND RUNNING! A new year means a fresh start. This presents us with the perfect time and opportunity to refresh everything in our lives. It’s also the perfect opportunity to think about how to revamp your kitchen design.

Are you thinking about undertaking a kitchen remodel this year? When you picture family gatherings, holidays, and spending time with those who mean the most to you, chances are, the kitchen is the part of your home that is at the center of these events. SO, shouldn’t it be a space that you love spending time in? Handy Men & Mrs. Helper Kitchen & Bath can bring your vision to life.

Allow us to inspire you with 5 ideas and some of 2018’s hottest updates.

5 Changes Had MAJOR Impact On This Kitchen:

  • The cupboards above the stove top were replaced with a fresh and modern subway tile and then an inlay of artistic tile.
  • The stove was replaced with a sleek modern stainless steel cooktop. This is ideal for the update, function and making a stylish impression that will match numerous design styles.
  • The very dated countertops were replaced with a granite that replicates the look of marble. The look of marble in the kitchen is a much better choice than using actual marble on the countertops for most of us. Marble is a much softer stone than granite and stains very easily. The granite gives the look of elegance and yet is still functional for our active busy lives. Quartz countertops would be an excellent choice as well. Note the different color countertop on the island to add another WOW factor.
  • The honey oak cabinets were replaced with fresh white cabinets using a sleek and simple hardware to match the décor. Choosing white not only updates the palette, but offers the kitchen a more crisp, clean and bright look.
  • And, by removing the soffit for the range hood, this opened the lighting possibilities. There is spot lighting to highlight the beautiful artistic tile. The recessed can lights to provide functional light for most activity in a kitchen. Under counter task lighting to create a well-lit work area. AND, finally a beautiful chandelier was added for personality and the piece de resistance of a modern taste.    

Kitchen Remodel Considerations

Handy Men & Mrs. Helper Kitchen & Bath can do this for you. We can completely gut your kitchen and re-do the entire layout of the room! This offers the opportunity to create a more efficient floorplan for your lifestyle if needed. We could open up or remove a wall (or two) and improve upon an open floor concept. Or, keep it simple and replace the major features of your kitchen such as cabinetry, countertops, lighting and stylish finishing touches. There are countless ways to update your kitchen and add value, style and luxury.

Our contractors and designers are available to transform your ideas and wants into the kitchen of your dreams. When it comes down to it, our company, Handy Men & Mrs. Helper Kitchen & Bath, is a trusted name for making your remodeling vision a reality.

Our TEAM understands that kitchen remodeling is a major investment in YOUR HOME.

We will assist you in choosing the right products and making decisions that maximize your property value while working within the established budget. We are experts in managing the process and our customer service and project management is second to none.

To learn more about our innovative kitchen remodeling services, we invite you to contact us today. Give us a call or fill out our online form and tell us more about what you want in your new kitchen. We look forward to scheduling an in-home estimate with you!

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas by HMMHKB